CENTURY 21's Electronic Data Generation Engine

C21 EDGE - (CENTURY 21's Electronic Data Generation Engine) is the customer lead management system that brings builders, brokers, agents and property loan providers on to the same platform.

It is a one-point-communication-system that enables transparency, efficiency and an organized approach to management of leads. The platform records, tracks, collates data and helps review client management information to streamline, recognize and boost performance. This lead router helps convert interested parties into customers, and leads into profits through sales.

The platform collates leads and property details from multiple sources such as property portals, and advertisements and listings from newspapers. Furthermore, it allows direct feeds to social platforms such as Facecbook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to facilitate awareness amongst potential customers. Then helps you match customer queries to appropriate properties, create shortlists and follow-up with clients on every step of their way to making the deal.